Erin and Conor are full of incredible stories and their story as a couple starts out in a pretty awesome way! They met while serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco! It was so interesting getting to know Conor and Erin during their engagement session a couple weeks ago. We walked around one of their favorite Boston parks (ok, so it’s actually a cemetery, but it feels just like a park) and they shared so many stories!

They told me that whenever friends got together in Morocco they’d decide who was going to cook the meal for everyone since there weren’t any take out places to order from nearby. Erin and Conor were both given the task of cooking dinner the night they met and Conor said he knew right away they’d get along when they both really wanted to make fried chicken! They don’t have an official “date-iversary” but they said they’ve been cooking and baking together ever since that night! <3

I loved the story behind the top Erin wore¬†for their engagement session, too! After finishing their Peace Corps service they traveled around and she really loved this top she found in Spain. Conor went back and bought it for her to surprise her! The place they held their engagement session has meaning as well. They can often be found walking there and they showed me the exact place, under the giant tree with seats, that Conor proposed to Erin on a cold January day. Erin laughed as she said she sat on Conor’s lap that day because the seats were so cold and it made things a little more difficult for him as far as getting the ring out of his pocket in the moment! After we walked around the cemetery we headed back to their apartment where they snuggled up with some wine on the couch; a spot they said they can often be found.

Erin and Conor, I’m so excited for the two of you and I can’t wait to document your wedding day in just a few short weeks!! Cheers!

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June 20, 2017

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