Remember this sweet family from back in the spring when we did their maternity session? Well, the newest member of their family is here! Lovely Baby {A} was 11 days new at her newborn session and cute as can be! She’s already surrounded by so much love!

Mom and Dad are smitten with their new little love and Big Brother {D} keeps saying how cute his baby sister is. Throughout the session he loved showing his Baby {A} all of his superheroes; these two are going to have so much fun together as they grow up! We asked {D} if he wanted to read Baby {A} a book, thinking he’d pick one of his favorite children’s books. He did want to read to her, but he instead went and got a big chapter book off of Mom and Dad’s bookshelf! It was just too cute and he was adamant that THIS was the book he was going to read to his sister.

I loved documenting this family as they hung out on Mom and Dad’s bed. {D} took out some toys and giggled while he played with Dad as Mom cared for Baby {A}. This was the part of the session they seemed to forget I was even there and I got to capture a little glimpse of what their “new normal” is now.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! Wishing you four the best!

How sweet is this…these sweaters were knit by the kids’ great-grandmother! Mom used to wear them as well and they’ve been handed down through the generations! Such a special memory! 


August 14, 2018

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